Eoleaf AeroPro 40 Air Purifier (formerly Airvia Medical Origin 40)

£429.99 inc VAT

The EOLEAF AEROPRO 40 air purifier can cover an area of up to 40 m². It adapts to any type of room thanks to its four speed levels. It is perfectly silent in speed 1 as in night mode and will surprise you with its power in speed 4 (with a flow rate of 420m3/h).

This is the latest addition to the AIRVIA range, and it comes with a full redesign. More modern, more elegant, smarter: an AIRVIA 2.0 air purifier! In addition to its sleek design, handles, and integrated screen, the AIRVIA ORIGIN is a well-connected model. It is compatible with the Tuya Smart mobile app, as well as with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smart life starts here

While it is still as easy as ever to use, without unnecessary features or complexities, it can now be controlled remotely from your phone. It therefore adapts to all profiles, individuals as well as professionals. You can manage your fleet of air purifiers and program your devices according to your preferences.

Vertical discharge for optimal air circulation

The sanitised air is discharged vertically by the purifier. This allows it to naturally generate air circulation while avoiding re-treating the air it has just cleaned. The vertical projection of the air towards the ceiling of the room ensures an optimal redistribution of the air. Clever mixing, designed for better efficiency: the more efficiently the air circulates, the more it can be treated quickly and in depth.

Is the control monitor light green? You are protected! Thanks to its automatic mode, the purifier can adjust the speed to the pollution rate in real time. This ensures the best possible cleaning without disturbing air unnecessarily or wasting electricity.

Fast and efficient purification

While the AEROPRO 40 combines all of the best filtration technologies on the market in one device, it does so without compromising on power. On the contrary, its CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 420m3/h is one of the best on the market. The CADR measures the volume of air cleaned by a device in a given time, it is the benchmark for judging the efficiency of a purifier. How is it possible to combine multiple filters, power, and low electricity consumption? Quite simply because it has been better designed, directly inspired by aircraft turbines.

Ionisation: say goodbye to fine particles

Ionisation involves diffusing negative ions into the air. These ions are naturally attracted to fine particles and many pollutants, including the famous PM 2.5 and even PM 0.1. The ions will either disintegrate these toxic particles or cause them to fall to the ground, thus protecting your lungs. Eoleaf uses unparalleled power technology with an output negative ion density of 20 million pcs/cm3. This technology allows for the removal of all the fine particles that contaminate your air and lodge directly in the alveoli of your lungs: tobacco smoke, exhaust gases, particles produced by the combustion of incense and candles, bacteria, and viruses, for example. The ionisation function can be easily activated or deactivated at will.

UV photocatalysis and sterilisation

Eoleaf’s philosophy is to use and combine all the best current technologies to allow you to breathe better. Photocatalysis breaks down VOCs, pollutants, and other microorganisms by an oxidation-reduction reaction. Our device also relies on two natural sterilisation processes: UV rays (via a lamp) and lysozyme. UV is a method known and recognised for its extreme germicidal efficiency. As for lysozyme, it is an enzyme which “lyses”, or destroys, bacteria and viruses. Both UV and photocatalysis can be activated and deactivated at will.

An advanced H13 HEPA filter

Our HEPA filter combines high performance (H13 certified) and natural materials since it is made partly of bamboo fibre. Concretely, this means that it filters at least 99.97% of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.01 µm in a single pass. And this is just one of the filter layers we use! Say goodbye to pollens, mould, dust, mites, and more.

A smart device

Control your device remotely from your Android or iOS phone with the Tuya Smart app

Check the air quality in real time

Control your air purifier by voice with Alexa or Google Assistant

Program your device with simple or complex scenarios

Manage a complete fleet of air purifiers in your home or office

Purification and silence

In “Night” mode, the AEROPRO 40 air purifier continues to clean your air while saving energy. The device is perfectly silent and turns off its indicator lights, making it the ideal setting for sleeping well and breathing well at the same time. Our devices have five different speeds, so you can adjust their speed of action to suit your situation.

Technical Characteristics

Product model


Range of action

From 1 to 40m² (1 to 450 ft²)

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

Up to 420 m³/h (depending on speed level)
CCM (Cumulate Clean Mass) P3/F3

Fan speeds

1-2-3-4 (4 levels)
Multi-Layer Filter Pre-filter + Antibacterial Filter + Medical-grade HEPA H13 Filter + Activated Charcoal Filter + Photocatalysis
Lifespan of filter Up to 12 months (filter change indicator)
Additional purification technologies – UVC sterilisation (Two UV lamps at 254nm)
– Ionisation (5 million pcs/cm3)
Noise level (decibels)  Speed 1: 32 dB (whisper)
– Speed 2: 43 dB (average home noise)
– Speed 3: 54 dB (faint rain)
– Speed 4: 60 dB (normal conversation)

Power input

ECO stand-by power ≤2W
– Speed 1: 12 W
– Speed 2: 18 W
– Speed 3: 32 W
– Speed 4: 49 W

Input Voltage & Frequency

Fully compatible with both EU and UK plugs.
AC 220V – 50Hz


27.5 cm (diameter) x 54.2 cm (height)


6.0 kg

 Air Quality Indicator

Excellent: Green
Good: Blue
Poor: Yellow
Very poor: Red
Other characteristics

– Filter change indicator
– Timer function
– Night mode

Connectivity – Compatible with voice controls (Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri)
– Compatible with Tuya Smart
Warranty – 15-day money-back guarantee
– 2-year Limited Warranty