Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the filters changed?

Filters are change every 12 months.

How often are the UV Lamps changed?

 UV lamps need replacing every 20,000 hours (usually 8-10 years depending on usage)

How much do they weigh?

The AERO 100 weighs 9.4kg and the PRO 150 11.8kg. Full technical specification are available.

Are discounts available?

Yes when purchasing in excess of 3 of the same units.

What is the delivery time?

Our air purifiers are high-end, custom-made products. They will ship within three to four weeks.

How long is the warranty period?

All our Eoleaf Air Purifiers come with a warranty that covers all failures that could occur within 5 years of purchase. The warranty applies as long as your device has been used in the right conditions and has been properly maintained.

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