Fight Dust With The Help Of An Air Purifier

Accumulation of dust in a house or building can be a real pain. Whether at home or at work, a person will naturally be exposed to and ingest a significant amount of microparticles of dust every year.

Air purifiers represent a great solution to effectively fight against dust in the air and prevent it from entering your lungs. They specialize in keeping your air clean, fresh and more breathable.

Air purifiers also help you reduce the time spent cleaning and enjoy a healthy interior. In this article, you will find tips for optimizing the use of an air purifier to fight against dust.


What is an air purifier?

An air purifier is a device that filters and cleans the air. Stated simply, it eliminates pollution and purifies the air. It is particularly effective at removing dust particles floating around your home, including those microscopic particles that you only see when a ray of lights hits them right or over time once they have settled on your furniture, frames and shelves.

While air purifiers will not decrease much how often you need to clean and vacuum your home but they can significantly improve your indoor air quality. Depending on the brand and model, you might need to install one a device per room, which can get expensive. Fortunately, Eoleaf Air Purifiers can clean the air of a 1000 ft² (100m²) space in just a few minutes.

When selecting the right air purifier model, you should make sure to identify your specific needs and the size of your home or business. You should also take into account what features the device offers, what sort of filtration it uses and how noisy it is. All purifiers equipped with a HEPA filter can eliminate dust, but a higher-end model such as Eoleaf combines 8 powerful filtration systems.


Why should you use an air purifier to fight dust?

The air in our homes can be vitiated by all kinds of pollutants. This includes dust, volatile organic compounds coming from our fabrics, fumes coming from the glue used in assembling furniture, fine particles emitted by household products such as cleaning products or paint, road traffic or even factories nearby.

Air purifiers clean the air in your space to limit your exposure to these various pollutants. While airing out your rooms does renew the air, it will not be effective at removing dust, on the contrary. Outdoor air contains plenty dust of its own and if you live near pollution sources, such as near a construction site or in a city, opening your windows for a few minutes can sadly be enough to load your air with harmful dust.

Thanks to a combination of several different filter types, a medical-grade air purifier such as ours can eliminate almost 100% of the dust in your home. First a pre-filter will remove the largest particles such as hair. Then the pre-filtered air passes through a charcoal filter or HEPA filter (High Removal of Aerial Particles) which eliminates bad odours and some volatile organic compounds. More advanced filtration systems such as ionization or UV sterilization complete the picture in premium air purifiers to get rid of all the dust.


Tips for using air purifiers effectively against dust

First of all, to maximize the efficiency of your device, you should regularly air out your home by opening your windows between 10 and 15 minutes every day, twice a day. This will help renew some of the indoor air and naturally remove odours and larger particles of dust. Air purifiers with HEPA filters, which we already mentioned here, are currently the most effective technology for fighting dust. HEPA filters can indeed remove fine particles with a success rate of close to 100%. This type of filter will be your best ally in your fight against dust.

But you can do more than just rely on the power of your air purifier with a few simple actions such as using a wet cloth on dusty surfaces to weigh down and trap dust, using electrostatic wipes or dedicated dusters.

And finally, remember to install your purifier in the right place to most effectively fight the dust in your home.

Air purifiers are also the ideal device for small workshops and spaces prone for dust deposit: office, sewing workshop, room dedicated to the storage of tools or the creation of art objects, construction spaces, etc. Also remember to regularly clean your air purifier and change its filter to get the best performance out of it.