Fight Bad Odours Thanks To Air Purifiers

Bad odours in a house can sometimes make life difficult or even ruin them. But they can be hard to keep away since a lot of our activities naturally generate bad smells.

Air purifiers are simple devices that are very effective at eliminating bad odours, not simply covering them up but completely destroying their components. Eoleaf fights cigarette smoke, fish smell, smell of frying food, and more to allow you to breathe a fresh and healthy air again.


Bad odours are KO’d by air purifiers

Even if you air them our every day, houses contain different smells that can be more or less pleasant. Smells are actually molecules floating in the air we breathe. All you need it to start cooking, practice a physical activity, light a candle or smoke a cigarette to give a bad smell to your indoor air. These invisible molecules also get deposited on our clothes, our sofas, our curtains, our pillows, etc. But they can be avoided.

While the latest trend a few years ago was to buy air sprays, colorful candles or even incense, the EU established a new regulation to limit them and their dangerous side-effects. Indeed, items like these meant to “freshen” the indoor air actually only hide bad smells while releasing many harmful pollutants such as benzene or formaldehyde. Health organizations are now warning people that combustion deodorants, sprays and products containing essential oils do emit pollutants into your indoor air.

Eoleaf Air Purifiers act directly on all these harmful pollutants, in addition to truly eliminating the molecules responsible for bad odours in your home. And they do so without emitting any additional pollutants.


How to use air purifiers to eliminate bad odours

Air purifiers capture bad odours contained in the air by sucking the air into its powerful filtration system. Thanks to a cylindrical design designed to circulate the air more efficiently, Eoleaf can clean the air of a 1000 ft² (100m²) space in a few minutes. Air that is sucked in passes through different stages of filtration, ranging from natural filters to advanced and scientifically proven methods of degradation.

Let us not forget that tobacco is the first source of pollution in our homes and favor cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in smokers and people around them. AIRVIA Medical Air Purifiers work just as well on cooking, fat, or fish smells as they do on cigarette smoke. They clean the air of smelly molecules and all pollutants that can play a devastating role on our health: ammonia, aniline, benzene, nicotine, and more.


How to sanitize and freshen your indoor air using an air purifier

Eoleaf Air Purifiers combine several filtration technologies to achieve optimal indoor air quality. In addition to our HEPA H13 filter, our products come with two purification features that can be activated or not with the press of a single button, depending on your preferences and the needs of your home.

Ionization is very effective in fighting bad odours head-on. It reverses the polarity of micropollutants in the air in order to render them harmless. The purifier emits negative ions which bond to particles of pollution and weigh them down, removing them from the air you breathe. Eoleaf Air Purifier also use this technology to get rid of bad odours and purify your indoor air.

Eoleaf also selected photocatalysis to clean your indoor of persistent odours and fumes. This chemical process leverages the power of UV rays to overcome VOCs, gases, odours, mould, fungi and even viruses.