Are Air Purifiers Effective In Fighting Pollen Allergies?

Air purifiers are often recommended to people with allergies to pollen, including by doctors. Whatever your age or specific pollen sensitivity, you will find air purifiers to be a tremendous ally in helping you breathe better.


Enjoying airing your house without fear of allergies thanks to air purifiers

Are you tired of sneezing, blowing your nose, or having itchy eyes? What if air purifiers were the simplest solution?

When good weather starts comes along, all British people like to open their windows, feel the sun on their skin and listen to the song of birds. But what is a lovely habit for many can quickly become a nightmare for people allergic to pollen.

Pollens are very fine grains found on the fruits and flowers of trees or so-called “anemophilous” plants – which literally means plants “that love the wind”! These plants use the wind to reproduce by having their pollen ride its wing. Without this, these plants and certain trees would not be able to have their flowers fertilized. Almost all pollens carried by the wind are allergenic, while pollens transported by insects are not.

Thankfully air purifiers can filter all pollen types.


How do air purifiers help people with pollen allergies?

There are a few dozen trees frequently planted in our cities and our countryside that are extremely allergenic for people with sensitivities: alders, charms, birches, hazels, cypresses, maples, beeches, oaks, plane trees, etc.

Whether they are close to your home or not, these trees will emit their pollen which will be carried by the wind and might end up in the air you breathe. Air purifiers capture all pollens present in your indoor air, whether at home or in your office.

Fighting allergies with an air purifier is a very effective solution. Eoleaf Air Purifiers rid your air of all allergens within a few minutes. Thanks to their vertical discharge pressurization system, the volume of air in a 1000 ft² (100m²) surface is completely treated and recirculated in just a few minutes – when used at full power. Ideally it should run regularly throughout the day for you to have optimal results and keep a healthy air, free of any pollen. And this even when you air out your house or apartment by opening the windows.


The science behind air purifiers

A quality air purifier can eliminate VOCs, fine particles, allergens and gases without a problem. While all these features are incredible useful and beneficial to your health, they can sometimes be difficult to explain or prove to the general public. Fortunately, when it comes to pollen allergies, there is a very simple test that everyone can do at home: turn the air purifier on and see if your symptoms get better within a few hours or days.

In order to purify your indoor air and remove all pollens present in it, Eoleaf has chosen to combine several types of filtration: a prefilter acts first to trap larger particles, then a medical-grade HEPA filter traps and removes 99.95% of particles larger than 0.3 μm. Thanks to a very tight mesh made of bamboo fibers and activated charcoal, the air discharged by our air purifiers is completely free of any pollen. We also use several other filtration systems to eliminate all the other harmful substances that vitiate your indoor air: photocatalysis, UV sterilization, ionization…

As soon as your air quality is measured to be a healthy level by our Eoleaf sensors, our air purifier will automatically go into sleep mode: you can continue to breathe in peace, free of allergies and free to open your windows.