An Air Purifier So That Babies Can Breathe Well

Air purifiers have been used for years by hospitals, maternities and laboratories in the UK. They are known for their powerful and efficient air purification.

So what prevents regular people to use this technology to protect the health of their baby? Nothing. Air Purifiers are more and more democratized and you will find many high-quality options on the market, including Eoleafa portable air purifier for all homes that have a baby.


Eoleaf Air Purifiers produce a pure air for baby

Air purifiers an effective solution for those who wish to take care of their baby’s health. Babies are not equipped to deal with pollution whether due to cars and dense population in big cities, or due to agricultural products and plants in our countryside. Unfortunately the air in today’s world is quite polluted, often to a harmful degree over the long term. Pollution is everywhere: in metropolises and small towns, coming from exhaust fumes or from pesticides. Worse: our indoor air is also afflicted by pollution from different sources: the paint on our walls, our furniture, our carpets etc.

The arrival of a baby is a wonderful occasion and often an opportunity for renovation or new decoration. So it is the perfect time to tackle sources of pollution. Yet many parents inadvertently end up making their indoor environment more polluted: gifts from the baby shower, new clothe, fumes from solvents in paint, volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde contained in new furniture, the list goes on. All of these can unfortunately have a negative impact on baby’s health.

Air purifiers are an effective way to ensure a safe and healthy indoor environment for your infant or your baby. Who wouldn’t want their baby to breathe an air that fresh, clean, and free of pollutants?


Polluted air poses serious risks

The World Health Organization has been conducting studies on indoor pollutants for the last ten years. Recently they have been insisting more and more on the urgent need to improve the quality of our indoor air and provide a better, healthier environment for our youngsters. The air that baby breathes can goes as far as impacting his development! Membranes in the brain of a baby are much more permeable than ours and their lungs are even more vulnerable to exhaust fumes, nanoparticles, pollen, smoke or germs than ours are.

The Asthma and Allergies association emphasizes that car pollution, especially from diesel engines, greatly amplifies the risk of asthma and aggravates allergic symptoms from a very young age. All these pollutants have a direct impact on the health of babies, even those born without any respiratory problems can develop asthmatic symptoms within a few weeks.

Air purifiers are ideal when it comes to make the air at your home safe and healthy. Not only babies but all occupants will benefits from breathing a healthy and pure air, freed of thousands of pollutants.

Eoleaf has combined the best of current filtration technologies to effectively clean your air and eliminate: odours, fumes, smoke, pet hair, pollen, germs, microbes, fungi, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, fine particles, etc.


Air purifier features that protect baby

Eoleaf Air Purifier has been designed to eliminate close to 100% of pollutants from indoor air, so that baby and his family can breathe safely.

Our air purifier has an optimal range of 1000 ft² (100m²) of space. It comes equipped with a prefilter, which serves as the first barrier against pollution, retaining macro-particles (larger dust, hair, pet hair, etc.) This simple first step that can already have a big beneficial effect on the asthma and allergies of baby and his family.

But we do not stop there: at Eoleaf we also combine the powers of nature with those of science in our last-generation HEPA filter. Our products also come with an ionization feature and a photocatalyst feature. Together, they retain and destroy more than 99.95% of particles smaller than 0.3 micron, aka ultrafine particles.

Babies deserves the best from us and right from the start, whether it is love, milk, tenderness, or air quality.