Air Purifiers Reduce The Harm Caused By Smoking

Air purifier are incredible effective devices in cleaning the air of our homes. But do they work on cigarette smoke and the thousands of dangerous components it emitted by cigarettes?

Our Eoleaf Air Purifier was specifically tested and showed real results in removing cigarette smoke from indoor air, and this in a matter of minutes.


How do air purifiers filter cigarette smoke?

The UK has over 7 million tobacco smokers according to government figures, which represents just under 15% of the population.

While the quantity of tobacco, nicotine, tar and carbon contained in cigarettes varies depending on the brand, they remain a dangerous and harmful product smokers and second-hand smokers. A part of the smoke and harmful substances it contains are directly inhaled by the smoker himself, but the remainder is ejected into the air through exhalation or by the burning cigarette. The particles of microscopic size which form smoke are very volatile and will deposit themselves on the floors, fabrics, walls, when not directly in our lungs. With the lightest draft or air movement, they will be thrown back into the air to once again get a chance to be inhaled by everyone in the house.

Air purifiers such as Eoleaf can suck in and destroy all these dangerous particles. Our products are equipped with a powerful suction and air rejection system, based on a cylindrical design which allows them to dislodge particles deposited on the floors and walls. And their range of effectiveness reaches a space as big as 1000 ft² (100m²).


Fight second-hand smoking with the help of air purifiers

Second-hand smoking can target all occupants of a dwelling in which a person smokes, even if only occasionally. Second-hand smoking refers to the fact that even non-smokers are exposed to tobacco smoke and the harmful particles it contains. Tobacco smoke alone contains almost 4,000 different chemical substances, of which at least 60 are known carcinogens.

Air purifiers can effectively filter indoor air continuously, and thus get rid of all pollutants that could be deposited in the lungs of family members. Eoleaf technology combines an H13 HEPA filter (combining activated charcoal with bamboo fibers) along with other advanced filtering processes.

For example, Eoleaf Air Purifier also uses ionization to further purify the air. This features uses the emission of negative ions to target fine particles, even PM 2.5 and PM 0.1. Ionization has a proven effect on the pollutants contained in tobacco smoke.


Smoking and using an air purifier

You most likely do not need to hear it from us, but tobacco is indisputably bad for your health. While quitting smoking might be the simplest solution, here at Eoleaf we also understand it can be very difficult.

That is partly why Eoleaf chose to add a photocatalysis function using ultraviolet light. UV rays help to accelerate the breaking down of hundreds of substances contained in tobacco smoke. Our device has also taken advantage of an innovative sterilization process which uses an enzyme called lysozyme. This globular protein, naturally present in our environments, destroys bacteria and pollutants.

Air purifiers can truly improve the air quality in the home of smokers, and become a health ally of the whole family. While they cannot protect smokers from the direct effects of tobacco, they can effectively protect non-smokers from second-hand smoking.