Air Purifiers Can Protect You From Car Pollution In Your Home

Fine particles pollution is a reality we have to live with. Generated by the exhaust fumes of our cars, it has devastating effects on our health. While our governments send out warnings and implement preventive measures, British people are looking for real solutions to breathe a cleaner air at home.

Air purifiers can clean the air inside your home within a few minutes. For example, it takes only a few minutes for our Eoleaf Air Purifier to clean the air of a ​​1000 ft² (100m²) space.


Can pollution in big cities be fought with an air purifier?

Car pollution is neither due to lobbies or a conspiracy theory, it is just a sad reality. But that does not mean we should not try to fight it. Car pollution is typically composed of dangerous particles and gases such as nitrogen oxides, fine particles, sulphur oxides, carbon monoxide and ozone.

Despite our current efforts to pollute less, the air outside but also in our homes remains heavily tainted by major pollutants. While masks might be helpful as a temporary solution for the most vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, pregnant women, children or people with asthma, they are not a long-term solution and cannot be worn daily.

Air purifiers make it possible to fight and eliminate this type of pollution from our indoor homes.


Ridding our indoors of car pollution

Some major cities in China are now equipped with giant air purifiers to fight against car pollution. While it is unfortunate that it came to this, the effectiveness of these devices are time-tested. They have been scientifically proven to truly clean the air, down to very fine particles.

Eoleaf Air Purifiers are guaranteed to clean your air of more than 99.95% of particles. They are capable of sucking in the air of a 1000 ft² (100m²) space, treat it for optimal purification, and circulate it back into the house. All the air in your space is circulated and purified in under five minutes. And yet, thanks to our technology, occupants will not feel the power its airflow.

Eoleaf has leveraged the most innovative filtration technologies, those with the highest rate of success, best percentage of purification and broadest spectrum of targeted pollutants. Car pollution and all the fine particles it contains are part of the pollutants that are eradicated by our air purifiers.


Eoleaf is your best ally in your fight against fine particles

Eoleaf Air Purifiers come with a HEPA H13 filter which can trap fine particles smaller than 0.3 μm. Next, they are targeted by our filtering layers using activated charcoal and bamboo fibre, two naturally filtering materials. They have a proven effectiveness in trapping fine particles in the air emitted by cars, such as benzene or nitrogen dioxide.

But that is not all. In order to eliminate ALL the pollutants generated by road traffic, and which taint the air in our homes, Eoleaf also uses ionization and photocatalysis. Nanoparticles generated by car brakes for example can be smaller than 0.1 microns, are cannot be captured by the HEPA filter. Only ionization is up to the task. It releases negative ions which targets all fine particles and bonds with them, either degrading them or weighing them down to the ground which renders them harmless to your lungs. As far as Photocatalysis is concerned, it targets the molecular structures of pollutants such as those generated by road traffic.

Eoleaf would like to remind you that fine particles pollution is also present in small towns and in the countryside, not just in cities. And it has serious effects on our health everywhere. Fine particles are not just emitted by exhaust fumes, but also by pesticides and chemicals used for agriculture. Fortunately, our air purifiers are as effective in a city as they are in the countryside.