Air Purifiers Can Help You Fight Dust Mites

People allergic to dust mites often have a hard time avoiding them and living comfortably. And symptoms can be very frustrating when not painful: sneezing, itchy throat and eyes, sometimes even epidermal reaction, pimples, red patches… These are the daily lot of people allergic to dust mites. If you have had allergies your whole life you might think that it is impossible to fight them, that they are simply too small and too many. Think again! Air purifiers are a reliable solution that give you your comfort and health back, and all in a sustainable way.


A new ally in the fight against dust mites

Air purifiers are an integral part of any solution aiming at fighting allergies. They are very effective in filtering the air and prevent irritations of the respiratory mucosa due to allergies such as dust mite allergy.

People allergic to dust mites knows that there are specific items that can help fight dust mites. They often turn to products treated against dust mites such as quilts, pillows, sofas or even curtains. On the other hand, they will also avoid buying “dust traps” such as carpets, carpeted floors etc. They will also tend to be much more attentive to the cleanliness of their homes and will vacuum more often. They will avoid at all costs attics, cellars and spring cleanings that generate a lot of dust.

But they often forgot that indoor air also carries a lot of dust mites and is therefore a vector of respiratory allergies. Fortunately, Eoleaf Air Purifiers can quickly and effectively eliminate 100% of dust mites in the air!


How do air purifiers help people with allergies?

Allergy to dust mites is a plague that affects millions of English people and hinders them in their daily lives. Back in 1960 only 2% of the population suffered from respiratory allergies, compared to nearly 30% of people today. The Asthma & Allergies association stated in March 2019 that 80% of children with asthma are actually simply allergic to dust mites. This could be avoided if we paid more attention to our indoor environments. In that regard, air purifiers are a fantastic asset to achieve and maintain a healthy air quality.

Eoleaf air purifiers come equipped with several filters and features that result in the elimination of 100% of dust mites in the air, and in only a single pass. Thanks to its cylindrical shape and its highly efficient air suction and discharge system, it purifies the indoor air in a few minutes.


How do Eoleaf Air Purifiers eliminate dust mites?

Dust mites are very small arachnids invisible to the naked eye, averaging 0.03mm in size. They feed on skin debris and hair that we lose during the day. We are not allergic to them directly but to their droppings, which they leave everywhere. Due to their size, the droppings are very light and rarely remain on the ground. They are quickly dispersed in the air where they combine with other types of dust. Every air movement sends billions of particles twirling and flying around.

Air purifiers not only eliminate all dust mites, but also trap their droppings.

Eoleaf is serious about fighting dust mites and improving the life of people with allergies. We use a latest-generation HEPA filter, capable of eliminating 99.95% of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3 μm. This filter combines the power of activated charcoal and bamboo fiber and is used in combination with a powerful molecular sieve.

Finally, we use ionization and photocatalysis to effectively destroy all dust mites and allergens and provide you with the clean and fresh air you deserve.