Air Purifiers Can Eliminate All Pet Hair

It is unavoidable: pets lose their hair. In the same way that we lose between 50 and 100 hairs every day, our cats and dogs also lose them. The only difference really is that they do not help with cleaning choirs or vacuum cleaning!

Air purifiers can relieve all owners of dogs and cats who are tired of having pet hair everywhere.


A house free of pet hair

Dogs, cats and many other pets unavoidably lose their hair, and it can get worse during the summer months. They also lose skin flakes and dander which fall to the ground or stay on our couches and beds. Furry animals lose several hundred hairs every day, and they can also experience periods of molting. During the fall and early spring, dogs, cats and even rodents change their fur coats to better suit the new temperatures. Nature is a true wonder.

However pet hair and dander can become a real problem in an apartment or a house. Having pets requires a weekly, sometimes daily, cleaning of floors, carpeted floors, carpets, sofas, cushions, pillows, etc.

Air purifiers can come to your rescue and help you eliminate pet hair in your home. Eoleaf Air Purifiers clean your indoor air and remove thousands of pollutants from it, including hair and other allergens. They only take a few seconds to install in an apartment or house, and can purify the air of a 1000 ft² (100m²) space in just a few minutes.


Allergies, dust mites and pet hair: long live air purifiers

Air purifiers are innovative devices here to service your health. Similarly to a ventilation system, they circulate indoor air but for a very different purpose: air purifiers are meant to clean the air in your house. They require no special connection and works with a standard power socket.

Eoleaf Air Purifiers clean the air of your home and rid it of pet hair using several different methods. First, a prefilter traps the largest particles of dust such as fiber, hair, and pet hair. This pre-filter is located between the purifier hood and the HEPA filter, making it even more efficient. Pre-filters help removing the bigger particles, thus preventing filters in the next layers to work needlessly hard. They act as a first barrier against pollutants of your indoor air. They can be regularly and easily cleaned using only water and do not required to be changed annually.

Pre-filters are an effective first filtration step that allows people with allergies or asthma to breathe a cleaner air, free of pet hair.


Eoleaf Air Purifiers go further in the fight against pet hair and dander

For all the smaller particles of pet hair and dander that managed to pass this first barrier, Eoleaf has quite a few more tricks up its sleeves in the form of state-of-the-art filtration technologies. Next, our HEPA H13 filter, made with bamboo fiber and activated charcoal, naturally captures 99.95% of airborne particles. It traps in its tightly meshed fibers smaller pet hair, dust mites, pollens, mould, fungi, bacteria, fine dust and other nanoparticles harmful to our health.

Finally, we added two more filtration levels to purify the air using advanced technologies in a fully safe manner: ionization and photocatalysis. Ionization, as developed for our Eoleaf Air Purifiers are guaranteed to not emit any ozone. The photocatalysis process is achieved using a UV lamp.

Our Air Purifiers help you free your air and home of pet hair so you can breathe freely again.