About Us

Our journey started with our Director, Steven Tradewell and his career in Hotel Management spanning some 23 years, the largest hotel with 210 bedrooms and another with catering facility of over 900 covers. In 2004 True-Budget Accom opened, a hotel booking agent managing the accommodation needs for the commercial sector such as Contractors, Shopfitters, Merchandisers and County Darts Teams.

With this wealth of experience, it was not surprising SPT recognised that 2020 has created the need for the hospitality sector to go that extra mile in protecting the health of their employees and guests. Research was conducted into the benefits of Air Purifiers and to see what the industry has to offer. The products we have selected are designed to provide excellent cover, irradicating germs as well as filtering the air.  Combining multiple purification technologies to provide clean air free of germs, nanoparticles, and allergens.
Strict cleaning protocols post “lock down” have seen Hotels and other Accommodation providers forced to limit the number of rooms available, as rooms may be left empty for a number of days, after a guest has vacated, to minimise any potential risk.

Our Air purifiers running whilst rooms are being serviced will clean the air, helping to protect staff from air-born and surface bacteria, viruses and other pollutants, and reduce bed room “downtime”, whilst giving guests the peace of mind that the Hotel has done all that is possible to ensure that the rooms are safe for use.

Our tailor made units are designed to cover larger areas such as meeting and conference rooms, ensuring that delegates are content in the knowledge that the air has been purified before the start of any meeting. Of further benefit is the fact that the units have several speed settings, the lowest of which is so quiet that it may be left to run without disturbing the meeting.

Recognising the clear benefits offered by good quality Air Purifiers to a multiple of businesses has given SPT Hotel & Catering Ltd the confidence to enter into a UK Distribution Agreement with EOLeaf. We are confident that this product is worth serious consideration for any business were employees work together in the same space or that come into contact with clients.