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A cleaner environment for areas such as the Work Place, Indoor Public Spaces, Hotel Bedrooms, Conference/Meeting Rooms and Gyms.

“Cleaner Air, Cleaner Room”

Helping Fight Covid-19

High Performance Air Purifiers

The effectiveness of HEPA filters and UVC rays in capturing and destroying the coronavirus when it is present in the air has been strongly demonstrated, and this is why these two technologies are at the forefront of many health professionals’ recommendations.
In addition to these technologies, our EOLEAF air purifiers also use two technologies which have the potential to act against the coronavirus: photocatalysis and ionization with favourable results, in particular on the influenza virus. More info

Eight Steps to Purified Air

EOLEAF is an air purification device that combines eight different technologies to provide you with clean air free of nanoparticles and allergens. With EOLEAF, the air in your home, your office or your clinic is freed from all dust, odours, impurities, allergens, fine particles, and volatile organic compounds. You can finally breathe in pure and healthy air, throughout the entire day.

See It For Yourself

Check out our video which demonstrates the EOLEAF AEROPRO 100 cleaning and purifying the air in a smoke filled box within 10 seconds.  Imagine how clean your rooms could be after installing one of our purifiers.

An innovative design with 360° air intake

The EOLEAF Air Purifier was designed to offer you optimal efficiency. Thanks to its cylindrical shape and its 360° air intake system, it is both stylish and efficient. The air intake system consists of several concentric ducts and is capable of extracting air in all directions, even over a long distance, to make the air healthier. The air in your room is quickly and efficiently refreshed and purified.

A powerful vertical pressurization system

Thanks to its vertical discharge pressurization system and its internal grid, purified air is injected back throughout the room in a soundless and homogeneous manner. The EOLEAF Air Purifier’s innovative design is the result of a patented technology. It is the first device to ever mix cylindrical suction and vertical discharge, resulting in a clean air flow over a long distance. You will not be disturbed by the sound level or by the strength of the air blown.

Purified air in a matter of minutes

The EOLEAF Air Purifier is capable of completely cleaning the air of a 1000 square feet (100 m²) room in a few minutes. It is CADR-certified with a rating of 503.1 m3/hr. We use 5 different filtration levels to eliminate all suspended particles (PM 2.5). You can now enjoy fresh and pure air, without having to leave your home. All you are missing is the sound of birds!

A high-end HEPA filter



Toxic Gas

Animal Hair


Bacteria & Viruses



Microscopic Particle

PM 2.5

EOLEAF Air Purifier’s filter is the result of extensive research work and technological innovation. Each of our devices is equipped with a HEPA H13 filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) which traps nearly 99.97% of particles that have a diameter greater than or equal to 0.01 μm. It combines activated charcoal and bamboo fibre to capture most VOCs, more than 26 different gases, pollen, odours and more. It also destroys germs, bacteria and viruses.

Why Use An Air Purifier?

Clean the air while cleaning the room.
Guests can hire the unit to keep the air clean while they sleep.
Clean the air during meetings.
In the Gym, give the air a good work out while members work out.
Remove tobacco smoke & odour from rooms.
Remove bad odours from rooms.
Help guests with allergies.
Cleaner air for Asthmatics.
Promote cleaner air to your clients.

What Our Customers Are Saying

A very good product that provides a healthier air throughout the house. The device is very quiet and its remote control lets you adjust the power at will.
Very happy with my purchase. I am allergic to dust and cigarette smoke, and I can really see the difference ever since I bought it, one can really feel that the air is purified. In addition I was pleasantly surprised by its ease of use. The design is nice, spare filters are on sale on the site which is reassuring. In conclusion a good investment, I recommend it.
I’ve had it for 1 year and it’s still going strong, all the buttons and features work very well.

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